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Franna or ‘pick and carry’ cranes are mobile cranes designed to lift a load and carry it to its destination on public roads. Among the most versatile tools in any industry, the franna design has an articulated boom allowing it to pick and carry loads up to 25 tonne and easily maneuver in confined spaces. Tolsaf’s franna fleet includes 4 cranes for lifts from 14 to 25 tonne.

A slew crane consists of a crane mounted on a carrier. The crane slews (or rotates) around a central pivot. Height and reach is provided by a boom. Our fleet of 4 slew cranes are suited for all types terrain conditions, surfaces, and working environments. With a variety of different attachments available for the boom arm and the hydraulic power of the crane, Tolsaf slew cranes can lift from 25 to 50 tonne.

For heavy lifting, Tolsaf’s 130 tonne crane is a powerhouse machine with the ability to lift nearly any jobsite maximum load needed. The 130T Liebherr mobile crane is highly regarded as one of the best all-terrain cranes in the world. The stabilising deployment of the crane during lifting gives it a secure base to lift loads up to 130 tonnes safely and securely.

Our transport equipment range also includes a semi, trailers, flattop trucks, and a bobcat. Tolsaf has all the machinery needed to cover any lifting job.

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Crane Services for:

  • Mining Lifts

  • House Construction

  • Trusses & Roofing

  • Pools & Spas

  • Transport Portable Buildings

  • Water Tanks

  • Air Conditioners

  • Tree Removal

  • Accident Recovery

TOLSAF believes in investing in our personnel and fleet to stay at the forefront of the crane hire industry.

Our newest cranes include:

  • 2015 55T Leibherr Crane
  • 2015 90T Leibherr Crane
  • 2013 Terex Mac Franna
  • 2012 Leibherr 130T Crane

Our fleet are fitted with GPS navigation systems so we adhere to the NSW RMS guidelines for operating Mobile Cranes and confirm to the bridge assessments and restrictions as set by the RMS. This GPS System allows for real time monitoring of our fleet and their locations.

We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and expertise. If a pre-site inspection is what you need then we are more than happy to come inspect and discuss your lift on site.

We can also provide extras to help with tight or difficult lifts such as skates, spreader bars, man baskets, detailed lift studies, equaliser sheaves and various concrete panel clutches.


Tolsaf offers competitive pricing on lifting solutions for mining construction, manufacturing and residential. Contact us.

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